small stuff from wales

16 manifesting again117 manifesting again218 manifesting again302poster 03 blurb 15 road10 sun face21 green chavin man20 totem 28 sun19 nose of pine22 i, problems, entelechy23 i, seeing, dual 11 hardness and softness13strong contrast strong energy 12 i wish guo fengyi would do a portrait of me  14 birch stump24 grey injuries mandalas 25 and carrion eaters garrudas 58 untitled namuh54 untitled namuh55 two people1no worries56 two people257 nah den brik fayce  09 cow's face53 complete cows 52 dont do manage time 51 tree, lady, monster, and underlying person riding cloud 50 who's that, brown. 49 untitled namuh 29 dont pretend, individuate 27 quint adamson sweats well 26 grey man 08 blue goat 07 blue dog 06 blue boar 05 seed subtle small 04 angel67 purple manifest1 68 purple manifest2  69 purple manifest369 purple manifest4


The Shifting Ground in Newcastle, and Between Thousands and Thousands with Lilly Williams in Norge







ella birthday 1birthday card




DSCF3938 DSCF3934 DSCF3932birthday mountain, made from Paul Klee Photocopies and watercolours




below, Between Thousands and Thousands (a Tiny Person) an exhibition with Lilly Williams in Tromsø, Norway   >

DSCF3394DSCF3382DSCF3380  DSCF3449DSCF3422DSCF3412DSCF3441DSCF3449DSCF3395